Confined space rescue


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Confined space rescue

Oftech provide certified confined space rescue services to both onshore, and offshore, facilities.

A confined space is any space which, by design, has limited access and egress with a potential of a reasonable or foreseeable risk to people entering the space. It is area which is not intended for human access, especially during continuous work. A confined space can have low or no natural ventilation, poor natural light, contaminants, toxic/explosive gases, toxic or dangerous fluids, extreme temperatures or risk of flooding.

There are many types of confined spaces including storage tanks, pits, silos, pipelines, shafts, disused basements, ducting, boilers, ventilation, sewers, tunnels, service tunnels, culverts, wind turbines voids and chambers.

If you are undertaking work in a confined space you have a duty of care to your employees and the public to ensure that work undertaken is safe, with minimised risks.

The dangers of confined space working should never be underestimated; this is highlighted in the requirements of the Confined Space Regulations, Approved Code of Practice and guidance;

“no person at work shall enter or carry out work in a confined space unless there have been prepared in respect of that confined space suitable and sufficient arrangements for the rescue of persons in the event of an emergency, whether or not arising out of a specified risk.

arrangements shall not be suitable and sufficient unless:

“(a) they reduce, so far as is reasonably practicable, the risks to the health and safety of any person required to put the arrangements for rescue into operation; and

“(b) they require, where the need for resuscitation of any person is a likely consequence of a relevant specified risk, the provision and maintenance of such equipment as is necessary to enable resuscitation procedures to be carried out.”

“Whenever there arises any circumstance to which the arrangements referred to in paragraph (1) above relate, those arrangements, or the relevant part or parts of those arrangements, shall immediately be put into operation.”

“Reliance on the emergency services alone will not be sufficient to comply with these regulations.  Employers must put into place adequate emergency arrangements before the work commences.”

Your arrangements should be commensurate with risk.  They should be suitable for the level and complexity of the task, sufficient in identifying and controlling, or mitigating, all relevant hazards and in accordance with current best practice.

In addition to our confined space rescue, our multi-skilled personnel also undertake electrical, mechanical, inspections and cleaning services within confined spaces. This enables you to reduce your overhead and risks and leave it to experienced professionals.

If you are unsure if you need confined space rescue , please contact us for advice prior to undertaking the work.

All our confined space work is subject to prior risk assessment and is undertaken to strict guidelines and written methods of work.