Safety Inspection Services

Oftech Wind provides a complete suite of offshore and onshore inspection services including visual, photographic and video reporting. Our field inspection technicians are fully qualified and experienced providing a professional and bespoke service.

Offshore safety inspections

Owners, OEM’s and operators of wind installations and facilities recognise the need for a regular predictive, and preventative, inspection service. Our highly trained and experienced technicians identify, document and report minor problems before they become larger and ultimately more expensive, therefore reducing down time and increasing revenue.

Inspection Services

  • Upper supports of boat landing
  • Structural, platform and all ancillary equipment
  • Eye/anchor bolt inspection
  • Lifting equipment, winches, hoists and anchor beam
  • Fall arrest system/man safe inspection & certification
  • Electrical and mechanical
  • Visual, video and photographic surveys

Onshore safety inspections

Safety in the workplace in paramount to any organisation. Employers, driven by a duty of care, must ensure that the working environment and the operational procedures are as safe as reasonably practicable, and the all risks are identified and mitigated in line with current legislation and best practices.

Oftech provides safety inspections and support to many differing organisations in addition to our remediation services.

Our inspection services include:

  • Ladders and platforms
  • Eye/anchor bolt, fall arrest/man safe systems
  • Lifting equipment, winches & hoists
  • Electrical and mechanical
  • Visual, video and photographic surveys
  • PAT testing